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See what our customers are saying about the breakthrough therapy they have found at Wyoming Stem Cell Therapy in Casper, Wyoming.

  • Kathy

    “On Oct.27th 2016 I had stem cell procedure. Since that night, I have had no back pain and no numbness in my legs. It is much easier for me to get in and out of the tub. It seems a miracle to me, to be pain free in my back. Thanks and best wishes.”

  • J. Sexton

    “Just wanted to give you an update on the stem cell therapy I had done last August…..Although I am still a little stiff in the morning still, I am finally sleeping all night (the back pain used to wake me up at least two or three times a night) and sleeping very well I might add. I am walking 4 to 5 miles a day with absolutely no discomfort. I think there is still healing to be done, but my pain level that used to be regularly 8s and 9s is daily a ONE!!! When the weather changes it may go up to a two or three, but I am still thankful everyday for Dr. Beckstead and this procedure. I’m thinking of coming back for a booster and finish watching Forest Gump, ha ha. THANKS AGAIN!!!”

  • Caryl

    “My knees feel better already. I also don’t have the “snap, crackle, pop” when I trudge up my office stairs everyday.

    P.S. My chiropractor and I been referring people to you whenever possible. I hope you get a few people heading your way.”

  • J. Sexton

    Dr. Beckstead,
    I am still giving thanks every day for the stem cell. It’s been an interesting couple of months and I look forward to even more healing. For the last two weeks, my pain number has been 2 & 3- Oh Happy Day!! Dad’s neck and back are totally healed, although he is still dealing with arthritis in his lower back. He’s not as patient as me, but I know he’s got more healing coming. Bill is AMAZING. We both have a little extra pain when the weather changes, but that’s just a day here and there. Your stem cell has proved to be an answered prayer. THANKS AGAIN!”

  • C. Sullivan

    I had stem cell therapy on July 13th. My knee stopped aching right away. Went on a motorcycle trip and it was great. After a while I noticed my shoulders felt good too. The tender spot on the side is almost gone. Recently the feeling is coming back some. You need to patent the platlet effect. Why does it work better when you reinject it? It was already there. I have been able to walk as often as I want. I can get up without holding onto anything and downstairs normal, most of the time. Looking forward to seeing how much better it will get. Thanks for the (shirt-tail) family discount. I made you a blanket to say thank you. I made it longer to cocoon in, or snuggle with your wife. Take care!

  • Linda Melcher

    Dear Dr. Beckstead and Staff:
    Thank you so much for the relief I have gotten from my adipose derived stem cell therapy. From the time I called, everyone was more than helpful. I kept a log of changes I noticed along the way and thought you might be interested in them.
    June 1: Procedure occurred between 1 pm and 2:50 pm. Easy, nearly pain free. By 5 pm as we were pulling into Medicine Bow, I noticed there was no inflammation in my thumbs. I purchased a bottled of V8 juice and was able to untwist the top myself.
    June 2: A bit tired and sore in abdominal area.
    June 3: Woke up and noticed my right foot where I have a Morton’s Neuroma felt better. Removed the pads. Walked up and down the stairs normally. (Will have to retrain myself as I have been walking up and down stairs one foot, one foot for a very long time).
    June 4: No pain while walking.
    June 7: Lipoma on right wrist reduced to about one quarter the former size.
    June 8: Dupytren’s Contracture nodules reduced to about one quarter the former size.
    June 10: Knelt on knees on soft couch with no pain
    June 12: Got on knees with no pain. Walked across the floor on my knees with no pain.
    June 14: Ran a short distance with no pain. PRAISE GOD AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

  • Dear Todd,
    Dick’s into his fourth month since you blessed him with the stem cell procedure, it’s time to bring you up to date!
    Thirteen days after November 3, the sciatic pain in his leg abated. That’s a very big yeah! By Thanksgiving week, his appetite was returning. The pain and / or the Oxycodone had knocked him down to 132 pounds. Another big improvement. He has been slowly improving in Physical Therapy. His Ale continues to improve. He has talked to Dr Penney about back surgery, but is thinking he will avoid it, if possible. We are very pleased and can’t thank you enough.

    Dick is now seeing a new rheumatologist, Stephen Holt, in Fort Collins, and we are very hopeful he will help get his R.A. under control. Dr. Holt had very successful stem cell treatment on his knees several years ago. He is encouraging us to have a second stem cell treatment, when we get Dick down or off the Prednisone.
    So, it appears we are on the right track for better health! We’ll be calling you for that second treatment as soon as the medications are correct. But, in the meantime, Thank you, Thank you, thank you.

  • Dorothy Hunter

    Dear Todd,
    My favorite form of exercise is walking. It’s been 6 years since I’ve walked more than a mile.. I just did 3! My hand is doing well. I can almost make a tight fist. It’s still swollem a bit but getting better every day. I am so grateful. Thank you so much. It’s just worked a miracle for me!


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